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The Runner-Up in Social Darwinism
First of all:


Second of all:


Changed my journal!


Okay so. There are a LOT of journals friended on this account (...well, maybe not by some standards, but it's a lot to me...! ;;). I am not going to hunt all of you down and go "HEY FRIEND ME HEY FRIEND ME HEY FRIEND ME!!!!" That's annoying. I'm annoying enough as it is.

SO. Here's how it's going to go. Head over to my new journal and go to friend me. I WILL FRIEND YOU BACK, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. SO DON'T GET COLD FEET AND GO "Sh-should I? Shouldn't I? What if she doesn't like me anymore? Uwaaah." And don't bug me with "I-I'M NOT SURE IF I SHOULD FRIEND YOU..." I don't bear any ill will towards anyone on my flist. You wouldn't be there if I did. So don't hesitate, okay? ALSO IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO FRIEND ME! So even if you see this message late, chances are I'll friend ya anyway!

[I only say this because I know how people get, and because I would be the exact same way if I were in that situation. I have been!]

HOOOOWEVER. If for whatever reason you do not want to friend my new journal, wish to cut ties with me here, feel our time is through, whatever, whatever, then that is PERFECTLY OKAY AS WELL. I'm not going to hunt you down and go "SO WHY DIDN'T YOU FRIEND ME, HUH? HUH? YOU GOT SOMETHING AGAINST ME?" I understand how things get! And it won't mar my opinion of you, or whatever other negative things come with that whole friends cut nonsense.

I would like to say though, that if you feel that our time is nigh [cue dramatic chord], then thank you for all of the great times we've had! Because if you're reading this message right now on your own flist, then we've definitely had them, and I'll remember it all! And, as always, my personal journals are ALWAYS PUBLIC. So you're free to drop by if you ever feel like it!

And with that, I say good-bye to this journal! Four? Long years and now it's time to move on!

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The Runner-Up in Social Darwinism
13 November 2010 @ 04:49 pm

The Runner-Up in Social Darwinism
12 November 2010 @ 11:46 am
So yeah. I forgot I had this thing.

Still caught between airshamisen and megaderp for a new journal. Leaning toward megaderp.


Things are a-going. Derp a doo.

8( Sorry guys, my life = school + work, so there's not much to talk about.

Oh yeah I turn 21 tomorrow. Forgot about that, too jklfs
The Runner-Up in Social Darwinism
23 September 2010 @ 09:14 pm
So I'm thinking about changing to a new journal after four years of using this one! New icons! New layout! New everything!

I have a few names in mind. Take a look?


o7 Thanks!
The Runner-Up in Social Darwinism
20 September 2010 @ 05:09 pm
Okay! I am going to post now before I forget that I have a personal journal!

First off! I'M DONE. I'M DONE WITH PHILADELPHIA... kind of. I still have to go back every Sunday/Monday for my final portfolio class, but I no longer live there, and I'm really freaking happy about that. Seriously. Philadelphia (at least Center City) can eat it.

I am bummed that I'm going to be away from the friends I've made there... but that's a post for another time!

I can't wait to get back into full swing at work. I'll be designing a logo for the local Top Tomato! Exciting or exciting? 8D

I'll also be doing an internship! Hopefully! I'm shooting for doing something with Marvel over in the city, but there's also a few other companies that I'd like to get a hold of. I'm still waiting for my internship adviser to get back to me about Marvel, but in the meantime, cover letters everywhere!

It's nice to be home. I complain about it a lot, but it's mostly just letting off steam. I really don't think I'd rather be anywhere else most of the time!

Now that I think about it, I don't recall the last time I've actually had this much leeway to do things for myself. The Tales of the Abyss replay I'm doing is going along well! Although I'm using a guide this time around to pick up all the little things that I didn't before... which is so far coming out to be a lot. ;A;

What else is there... OH. I'm tinkering around with some free 3D modeling software. Right now I'm trying to get the hang of Blender, but it looks like I may have to find a three button mouse to use. I'm sure we have one somewhere around the house... somewhere. After I work with Blender, the next is trying out Wings3D. Supposedly the interface is easier to work with. Who knows! The Blender tutorials I've found so far have been pretty helpful, but I'm dense, especially when it comes to 3D stuff, so it's going to take some time!
The Runner-Up in Social Darwinism
Sketch dump 3!

Happy Birthday, Batty!!!!! You disappeared after I said it via AIM BUT DAMMIT YOU WILL GET THIS MESSAGE.
The Runner-Up in Social Darwinism
Sketch dump number two is up!

Not my best, but I made a promise to myself to post whatever I do now to try and get over my fear of putting my stuff online. I have to get over it in time for job hunting, after all!

Speaking of! I got my midterm grade for portfolio so far: A-.

And to think I was seriously considering missing today's class because I was so ashamed of what I came up with. Scrapped the cat animation and replaced it with another one. I'm going to put a lot of effort into the new lip sync, so hopefully it'll work out!

I had a scare with my external hard drive today-- left it in the school. They almost never turn up again... but mine did! Right where I left him! I was so tired that I forgot to put him in my bag, even after I'd checked it to make sure I had everything. orz

But I took a nap when I got back to the dorm, so now everything is better!

My internal clock has abandoned me, though. :(
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The Runner-Up in Social Darwinism
I'm in a great mood! Working really hard, but because of it, I'm absolutely killing portfolio. I'm going to keep at it, though! No slacking!

So today while waiting for our results, I decided to sketch some. It's not a lot, but I'm hoping to actually POST these now. Maybe. I'm still really shy about my art ldjkfdsljk


Thank you everyone for your well wishes during my port stuff! I know I haven't been around much because of it, and freaking out a lot to you guys, so I'm really appreciative that you all slap me around a bit to get me back to my senses!

Here's to working hard!!!
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The Runner-Up in Social Darwinism
I was going to post something.

But then I completely forgot what.



The Runner-Up in Social Darwinism
*prances through a sparkling field!*

*adorns entire flist with flower necklaces!*